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Know Libya - Research Activities

 Know Libya (registered in Libya as M’arafat Libya Company Limited) specialise in providing tailor made solutions to clients' needs in Libya.

We aim to combine proven research skills, detailed local knowledge, and the highest professional standards to deliver our clients relevant insights into the Libyan market, its activities and consumers. To help you know more about Libya we offer research services which help ensure the decisions you make in this emerging market are well informed ones.

Our research services can include as little or as much as you need, depending on your objectives:

  • Structuring research brief

  • Advising on research strategy

  • Identifying potential participants / business contacts

  • Carrying out primary and/or secondary research

  • Designing and/or translating questionnaire

  • Individual interviews, surveys

  • Focus groups / facilitating meetings & discussions

  • Managing research project

  • Analysing results

  • Writing research reports

  • Preparing feasibility studies

  • Writing business plans

  • Preparing marketing strategy

  • Providing recommendations

  • Presenting to client and stakeholders.

Click KL Reports for information about the Know Libya research reports which are available to buy.

Some examples of the research work we have carried out in Libya which illustrate the range of sector knowledge and contact base we have accumulated to date in Libya.

  • Oil & Gas Sector: sourcing and pre-selecting potential clients, partners and distributors in Libya for international companies (resulted in 100 one-one meetings and orders)

  • Construction Sector: Survey of infrastructure and construction projects in Libya

  • Education Capabilities Survey – training needs analysis for Libya.

  • Telecoms Sector in Libya: organisation and structure of the telecoms sector in Libya.

  • Sector report on hospitality & leisure in Tripoli.

  • Libyan Business Leaders: executive one-to-one interviews with leading businessmen on business climate.

  • Medical research capabilities in Libya: Sector report

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – one-to-one interviews with key clients.

  • Household domestic appliances' in Tripoli: Survey of 150 households.

  • Audience reaction to TV media campaign: 1,000 people interviewed across Libya.

  • Household utility costs – overview of household utility and energy costs in Tripoli.

Know Libya = Local insight + International expertise

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