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Know Libya - Cultural Awareness

Know Libya (registered in Libya as M’arafat Libya Company Limited) specialises in providing tailor made solutions to clients' needs in Libya.

Libya is an intriguing country. It offers a rich history, alongside an interesting combination of Islamic and Mediterranean influences. Tripoli, its busy capital, mixes colourful cultural traditions and the new norms of modern life. Libya is embarking on an ambitious economic development and reform programme, which is attracting interest from international companies wanting to do business in Libya. For these plans to succeed it is important there is better cultural awareness on all sides, helping make working together easier and more productive for everyone.

We offer a range of cultural awareness services designed to help improve cultural understanding. These include services for expatriates working and living in Libya, and for Libyans working in international environments.

Knowing that relocating to work and live in a new country can be an exciting and challenging experience (we’ve done it!), our cultural awareness training courses aim to support international companies, their employees and their families, who are living and working in Libya.

  • Libyan business cultural awareness/orientation training for expatriates and their families living and working in Libya.

  • International business culture training for Libyans and expatriates working in multicultural business environments in Libya.

  • Organise and host Libyan cultural, business and social events for corporate clients.

  • Prepare Libya country briefing reports & guides. Know Libya edited and contributed to the 'Tripoli - A Comprehensive Guide 2007' which was on sale in bookshops in Tripoli.

To help you better understand Libyan business culture, learn more about local traditions, or living everyday life in Tripoli, our training:

  • provides valuable insights into Libya's social norms, business culture and everyday life.

  • is relevant, informative and interactive, because they are presented by experienced people who share their local and international perspectives on Libya.

  • is comprehensive and interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions

  • includes presentations, images, books and authentic displays.

  • includes summary handouts and useful information designed to help make your life in Libya more productive and enjoyable.

  • can be tailored to suit individual corporate client groups in terms of content, location (training room, or indoor/outdoor location), duration and additional options (Libyan food, entertainment etc.)

  • is enjoyable - according to the many people who have already attended our courses.

Some of the comments from people who have been on the cultural awareness courses:

What was the best part of the course?

  • Clarity of the presentations and presenters.

  • Trainers very approachable, knowledgeable, and well prepared for all questions.

  • Very productive, lots of quality information given in relatively short time.

  • Good, balanced and realistic perspective on all subjects.

  • A very worthwhile, interesting and engaging day.

Contact us for information on the courses we can offer your company. Also check course schedules to see what open public courses are scheduled.

Know Libya = Local insight + International expertise

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