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Know Libya - Consultancy

Know Libya (registered in Libya as M’arafat Libya Company Limited) specialises in providing tailor made solutions to clients' needs in Libya.

We are experienced in living and working in Libya, and having lived and worked professionally outside Libya we are in a good position to identify and anticipate key characteristics and opportunities across many market sectors.

Our insight and understanding of this emerging market, means we are able to provide our clients with research and advisory services that add real value to their potential and existing activities in Libya.

Our research activities covering a variety of industrial, service and commercial sectors in Libya, means we are continually developing our understanding of the structure and dynamics of many sectors in this emerging market. See Research Activities and Research for more information and some examples.

Know Libya's Managing Director, Sami Zaptia, is also a regular commentator on developments in Libya, contributing opinion articles to the Tripoli Post - Libya's only weekly English language newspaper. If you would like some background information on developments in Libya over the last year, we suggest you have a look at and search Zaptia.

In terms of our consultancy services, they vary according to clients' needs and draw on our own areas of expertise and expertise we co-ordinate from local and international contacts.

Example: Companies considering Libya: Preliminary briefing; sector research; identify potential partners, distributors, clients, competitors; and prepare market entry plan.

Example: How Know Libya's range of services can support clients with interests in the Hospitality & Leisure sector in Libya.

The Libyan hospitality sector is developing quickly, as the number and variety of eating out venues continues to increase. The hotel sector is also expected to expand with a number of construction and refurbishment projects underway. As a result the opportunities for both operators and suppliers to this particular sector are already growing. growing.

By combining our practical experience and knowledge in this important sector, we are able to assist local and international companies in a number of areas, including;:

  • Research & Analysis to identify opportunities, understand and monitor developments in the Libyan market

  • Training - for employees working in foodservice, customer service, hotels, tourism and retail sector. Training available in English and Arabic.

  • Marketing - advising on strategy, preparing campaign plan.

  • Procurement - working with international procurement specialists to source the products you need.

Know Libya = Local insight + International expertise

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